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Product Application

Main products (Any combination of modular functions)

1. Laminating Machine (Optional UV dryer,dust removal,double-sided laminating,double lamination,Chian knife,Hot knife,Corona treatment,inkjet., etc)

YFM series: Auto/Semi-auto high speed thermal film laminating machine.

FH series: Fully Automatic Vertical Multi-purpose Laminator

2. UV Coating Machine(Optional single head,double head,three head,anylox roller,corona treatment,dust removal,lengthened dryer., etc)

SGUV series:Automatic UV Coating Machine,Three Head Linkage UV Coating Machine,Digital Printer Inline Coating Machine

SGT series: High Grade Coating Machine(Film replacement oil, matte oil, soft touch oil, anti-scratch oil and other high-grade coatings)

SGJ series:Fully Automatic High-speed Spot UV Coating Machine

3. Thermal Film

BOPP Matte/glossy thermal film

Special film: anti-scratch film, soft touch film, embossed film and others series

Which are widely used in the following industry:

Publication printing, like posters, books, information albums, images, graghics...

Paper carton box bag packaging of wine, food, medicine, costums, home appliances...

Business Advertising and Digital Printing, like trademark, tags, menus...