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Automatic UV Coating Machine Manufacturers

Fully automatic uv coating machine is a high-tech product integrating light, machine, electricity and gas. It realizes the whole process automation, fast and efficient. It adopts belt conveying, variable frequency stepless speed regulation, and the maximum speed can reach 80m/min. All of them have independent space, and they can be combined with equipment online according to customer requirements, which is suitable for large-scale printing enterprises.

Automatic uv coating machine made in China is an automatic on-line equipment, suitable for 80-600 grams of thick and thin paper, and is the first choice for high-end printed matter after printing. It can complete powder removal, primer, water-based and UV on-line varnishing at one time. The use of this equipment can effectively shorten the process flow and reduce labor.

NEW STAR's self-developed automatic uv coating machine include:

SGUV series models: automatic high-speed automatic uv coating machine, high-speed three-head linkageuv coating machine, digital coating and oiling machine!

SGT series models: high-grade automatic uv coating machine (film-replacement oil, dumb oil, touch oil, anti-scratch oil and other high-grade coatings)

Optional functions are single head, double head, triple head, anilox roller, corona device, powder removal, lengthened drying tunnel, etc.

The newly developed large-diameter anilox roller automatic uv coating machine does not require the transfer of the rubber roller, which can ensure the thickness and uniformity of the oil on the paper. Save 20% oil compared to the same machine.

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