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Hot Stamping Foil

Hot stamping foil, also known as anodized aluminum, is a hot stamping material made of a film base by coating and vacuum evaporation and adding a layer of metal foil. The thickness of anodized aluminum is generally (12, 16, 18, 20) μm, and the width is 500~1500mm. Thehot stamping foil is made by coating the release layer, the color layer on the film sheet, and then coating the adhesive layer after vacuum aluminum plating, and finally rewinding the finished product. Chinahot stamping foilis generally 4 to 5 layers.

Suppliers generally use 16μm thick biaxially oriented polyester film; the main function is to support the continuous action of the coating attached to the top and facilitate the hot stamping process. This means that the base film layer cannot be deformed due to the temperature rise during the hot stamping process, and should have the properties of high strength, tensile strength, and high temperature resistance.

Anodized aluminum hot stamping foil uses heat and pressure to transfer your pattern or text to the surface of the hot stamped material. This requires you to have a NEWSTAR hot stamping machine. Then you need to make a plate of the text or pattern you want (such as: cliché, copper plate, etc.), and heat it to the required temperature. Then put the product on it and apply suitable pressure for 0.4-0.7 seconds. Exquisite patterns are vivid in my eyes. It should be noted that when hot stamping different materials, you should choose the appropriate type of product, and choose the appropriate temperature, pressure, and hot stamping time to achieve the ideal hot stamping effect. There are many kinds of hot stamping foils, including gold, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, green and so on.

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Hot Stamping Foil

Hot Stamping Foil

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