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Hot Stamping Machine

The principle of the hot stamping machine is the process of hot stamping the anodized aluminum foil to the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure. The pictures and texts of anodized aluminum hot stamping show a strong metallic luster, and the colors are bright and dazzling, which will never fade. In particular, the gold and silver anodized aluminum embellishes the surface of the printed matter with its magnificent, exquisite and elegant decoration, enhances the artistry of the printed matter, and plays a promotional effect of highlighting the theme; its brightness greatly exceeds that of gold and silver, making the product It has a high-end feeling and gives people the enjoyment of beauty. At the same time, due to the excellent physical and chemical properties of anodized aluminum, it plays a role in protecting printed products, so the bronzing process is widely used in high-end, exquisite packaging and decoration trademarks, calendars and book covers and other printed materials; secondly, anodized aluminum hot stamping The range is very wide, from general book covers, trademark patterns, publicity advertisements, plastic products to daily necessities, from paper to leather, cotton, etc.; in addition, bronzing is a dry processing method, and the workpiece can be packaged and transported immediately after bronzing . Therefore, hot stamping technology is widely used, and the scope of application of hot stamping is still expanding.

NEW STAR automatic hot stamping machine is a new type of servo bronzing equipment designed and developed to meet the needs of the printing industry for hot stamping. It is also a bronzing machine with automatic bronzing and servo transmission. , Anodized aluminum automatic conveying, the up and down stroke can be adjusted arbitrarily, the equipment has good stability, large width, and simple operation, so it is suitable for printing factories and individual hot stamping households to process and stamp various delicate papers, desk calendars, wall calendars, invitations, Shoe boxes, leather, plastics, fabrics and other handicrafts, because this machine is widely used, it is also a necessary equipment for printing, packaging, shoe leather and other industries. Buy hot stamping machine from China supplier!

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Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

Automatic hot stamping machine realizes accurate and exquisite impressions on all kinds of advanced fine printing. As a China supplier, we offers innovative MINI stamping equipment with advanced technology and best price. Enables to boom your market. Still searching? Find in NEW STAR machinery!

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