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Folder Gluer Machine

In the packaging and printing industry, the application of the folder gluer machine is the last process of the packaging box processing. It is to fold the printed and die-cut cardboard into shape and glue it for life. The machine gluer replaces the manual gluer method, reducing the labor costs and increased efficiency. The parts of the folder gluer are divided into paper feeding part, pre-folding part, hook bottom part, forming part and box pressing part.

Folder gluer machine is one of the important post-press processing equipment. At present, with the rapid development of China's packaging and printing industry, the application of folder gluer machine is becoming more and more extensive. The packaging boxes for food, medicine, health products, cosmetics, wine, light industrial products, etc. are basically glued. machine for glue box processing.

NEW STAR folder gluer machine has the characteristics of multi-function, mobility, high speed, high productivity and high degree of automation. Including smooth glue box machine, bottom hook box gluer machine, pre-folding box gluer machine, 46 corner box gluer machine. The box design of the packaging box is more diverse, not only suitable for some advanced automatic bottom-locking color boxes, including toy boxes, wine boxes, medicine boxes, etc. It is also possible to make hexagonal and heterosexual boxes, but to configure the glue spray system and other devices.

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Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

NEW STAR provides customers with a variety of automatic folder gluer machines. China factory focus on designing high intelligent, high efficiency products to suit clents' requirements. Easy and simple to handle by green hand. Contact us for details if you need to purchase.

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