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Thermal lamination filmrefers to the process of pre-gluing and rewinding the plastic film, and then compounding it with the paper print. It is firstly used by thethermal lamination film processing factory to coat the glue on the film and rewind it for the manufacturer to choose according to the specification and width of use, and then compound it with the printed matter. Laminating, that is, filming, is a processing technology that coats a plastic film with an adhesive, and heats and presses the paper print to bond it together to form a paper-plastic integrated product. The coated printed matter has a thin and transparent plastic film on the surface, which makes the surface smoother and brighter, thereby improving the gloss and fastness of the printed matter. Antifouling, wear resistance, folding resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc.

NEW STAR manufaturer produces all kinds of BOPP PETthermal lamination films, adopts advanced composite material production technology and production technology, and uses imported special materials as the main raw materials. It comprehensively solves the problems of environmental protection, safety and quality of old materials and old processes. It is non-toxic, odorless, safe, hygienic, and has excellent anti-folding and stamping resistance; simple operation, energy saving, environmental protection, adaptability It has strong properties; it has the characteristics of bright and bright printed products and high color saturation, and is widely used in books and periodicals, exquisite printed sheets, color boxes, hang tags and food packaging bags and boxes such as medicines, tobacco and alcohol. This product has many application advantages. Buying ourthermal lamination filmfrom China’s factory will bring you considerable social and economic benefits.

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