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Spot UV Coating Machine

Spot uv coating machine is a machine that coats a specific part of the paper surface with a layer of colorless transparent paint, and after leveling and curing, it can form a thin and uniform transparent and bright layer on the surface of the part of the paper.

Spot uv coating is a kind of surface finishing technology of printed matter. Named for the selective glazing of printed graphics with UV varnish with high brightness, transparency and abrasion resistance. While highlighting the theme of the layout, it also improves the surface decoration effect of the printed product. Partial UV is mainly used in the post-press finishing of book covers and packaging products, in order to achieve the purpose of making printed products icing on the cake.Sopt uv coating machine from China supplier.

NEW STARSpot uv coating machinecan use glazing oil or UV oil for partial glazing or full glazing on the paper surface. It adopts automatic paper feeding method, automatic separation and pressure of empty sheets, and three-roller reverse oiling. It is an ideal local oiling equipment. The photosensitive imaging method is used when making the glazing plate. To ensure that the local UV glazing part is consistent with the size of the printed image.

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SJUV-760 Automatic Spot UV Coating Machine

SJUV-760 Automatic Spot UV Coating Machine

NEW STAR SJUV-760 Automatic Spot UV Coating Machineis a new generation model, which can fully or partially varnish thick and thin paper (including ultraviolet and infrared coating). The innovative model design and highly automatic electrical design enable the whole machine to withstand the test of high-speed operation. This equipment uses ceramic anilox roller for polishing, with uniform coating, long service life of the coating roller, bright and lustrous printing quality. Especially suitable for large and medium-sized printing plants, which can steadily reduce production costs and improve production efficiency for customer enterprises. Get your quote now!

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