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PET Thermal Lamination Film Manufacturers

PET thermal lamination film is a composite film formed by polyester film and EVA hot-melt adhesive to form a lamination structure. It has excellent composite properties and can be laminated without affecting the superior performance of PET pre-coating film.

PET thermal lamination filmproduced in China is a packaging film with comprehensive performance. It has good transparency and gloss; good air tightness and fragrance retention; moderate moisture resistance, and the moisture permeability decreases at low temperatures.

PET thermal lamination film has excellent mechanical properties, its strength is the best among all thermoplastics, and its tensile strength and impact strength are much higher than ordinary films; and it has good strength and stable dimensions, suitable for secondary processing such as printing and paper bags. . The PET thermal lamination film also has excellent heat and cold resistance and good chemical and oil resistance.

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