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Automatic Die Cutting Machine

The automatic die cutting machine can be used for various types of die-cutting. It can not only manually continue the semi-automatic die-cutting, but also fully automatic high-speed linkage die-cutting; It can not only die cut corrugated board, cardboard, self-adhesive, but also die cut rubber, sponge, metal plate, etc. It has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for die cutting and indentation of folding cartons, pasting cartons and corrugated cartons. It is a common die cutting equipment for China’s suppliers at present.

Automatic die cutting machine is the key equipment for die-cutting indentation and cold embossing of various paper packaging and decoration products such as cartons, cartons, trademarks, etc. It is the equipment for producing all kinds of high and medium-grade "color boxes", "color boxes" and other packaging products.

NEW STARAutomatic die cutting machine adopts high-precision intermittent structure, pneumatic plate locking, pneumatic clutch, overload protection, manual pressure regulation and other unique transmission mechanism design to ensure the high-speed and stable operation of the equipment. At the same time, the machine is equipped with pre loading paper mechanism, auxiliary paper receiving mechanism, manual sampling and other practical and reliable mechanisms. This machine can give full play to its working efficiency in the process of use. The electrical components and transmission components of this machine are used to ensure die cutting, display fault location, troubleshooting methods and relevant help information in the process of use, and fully realize man-machine communication.

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Automatic Flat-bed Die Cutting Machine

Automatic Flat-bed Die Cutting Machine

A vital decision to quickly increase your productivity. Choosing China's automatic flat-bed die cutting machine. High speed, high precision, low failure rate, low maintenance, timely after-sales Service. Call us today or shop online in NEW STAR market!

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