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BOPP Thermal Lamination Film Manufacturers

BOPP thermal lamination film is a composite film formed by polypropylene film and EVA hot melt adhesive to form a laminated structure. Its unique properties not only improve the shortcomings of ordinary polypropylene film, but also effectively exert the superior performance of polypropylene film.

The amount of ink applied to the printed matter is ever-changing, different versions are completely different, and the same version also has certain changes, while the colloid quantification of the BOPP thermal lamination film is fixed, because most of the mixture of ink during printing is a solvent, and most of the solvent has a negative effect on the colloid and the colloid. The base film has a certain swell effect, so the control of the solvent residue of the printed matter during lamination is an important part of the quality control of the whole lamination.

BOPP thermal lamination film from NEW STAR is the most widely used film nowadays. Because of its moisture-proof and waterproof properties, it is generally used on the outer packaging of boxed products such as cosmetics and cigarettes that are easily damaged by moisture.

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