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Manual UV Coating Machine

The manual uv coating machine is designed according to the characteristics of domestic and foreign industries. It is a device for UV oiling and coating on the surface of paper. It is digitally printed. After processing by this machine, it can improve the gloss of the printed matter. It has the functions of anti-fouling, moisture-proof, fade-proof and wear-resistant.

China manual uv coating machine is easy to operate, suitable for full UV coating and water-based coating of printed matter such as books, advertisements, labels, photo albums, etc. It can improve the quality of printed matter, increase the beauty, and resist moisture and wear. It is the best production equipment for small size prints.

The manual uv coating machine offered by NEW STAR is mainly used for glazing the surface of paper products to increase the brightness of paper products, and to protect the surface color of paper products from moisture and wear. It is used for water-based or ordinary varnishing oil glazing of paper products. After drying and drying with IR hot air, it can enhance the brightness of the paper product surface and play a role in moisture-proof and wear-resistant. The machine is equipped with infrared and ultraviolet drying devices at the same time, which can be converted and used according to needs. Less investment, small footprint and high efficiency. Other functions such as powder removal and primer coating can be selected as required. Optional thin paper air knife device, suitable for glazing paper above 80g/m2.

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Manual UV Coating Machine

Manual UV Coating Machine

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