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Manual laminating machine is a kind of laminating equipment with the least investment. It is precisely because the pre-coating laminating machine adopts an environmentally friendly laminating process, and it is easy to operate, low in investment and easy to use, whether it is mass production or a small amount of lamination. , it can be used with ease, and the market potential of using manual laminating machines widely in the market is still huge. A series of manual laminating machines developed and sold by NEW STAR are the most affordable, direct and convenient service.

The manual laminating machine developed in China has a small footprint and is easy to operate. It is equipped with automatic temperature control and speed regulation, and it is also equipped with automatic one-time slitting of multiple rolls and redundant materials.

Manual laminating machine uses BOPP pre-coating film as the material. It can be single-sided and double-sided laminating. It can be widely used in the surface lamination of packaging boxes, food boxes, books, drawings, advertisements, documents, laser glass and other products. The printed matter after the film is waterproof, durable, clear in pattern and strong in three-dimensional sense.

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Manual Laminating Machine

Manual Laminating Machine

Smart design of thermal manual laminating machine from China especially for a beginner in printing industry. NEW STAR want to provide various of options for different types of customers. Wholesale Price, Comprehensive configuration, quality assurance, fast delivery, contact with us! 24-hour online service.

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