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Window Patching Machine

window patching machine, also known as carton window film machine, is mainly used for window carton filming, which consists of filming, paper drawing, gluing, film cutting, and bonding. It is used in the filming process of packaging paper products such as wine boxes, gift boxes, napkin boxes, cosmetic boxes, children's toy boxes, and clothing boxes.

The window patching machineis a special equipment for opening window color boxes and color box filming. It is the most advanced type of window patching machine in China. The fully humanized design concept makes the machine have high efficiency. Features such as high precision, high stability and easy operation. Applicable to card and corrugated paper, the paper stack is separated by the bottom drawing method of non-stop paper feeding. After pushing the positioning, flexographic module printing, stable and accurate diaphragm incision and horizontal knife cutting, the paper towel box, The function of filming, collecting and arranging windows such as gift boxes, toy boxes, shirt boxes, milk boxes, etc.

NEW STAR multifunctional window patching machine has the functions of automatic, corner cutting, line pressing, process hole and so on. In line with the business philosophy of people-oriented, quality first, and honest service, the company provides customers with more series of high-quality window stickers and thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales services.

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Automatic Window Patching Machine

Automatic Window Patching Machine

China’s automatic window patching machine has been the latest model pushed to market. Featured by its digital control, dual-use , speed , functionality, also cheap product and good service, it has been widely received all over the world. Get Factory Price from NEW STAR.

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