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UV coating machine is an important equipment for the surface finishing and processing of packaging products such as cartons and cartons. It plays a very important role in improving the surface properties of the printed products and improving the wear resistance, stain resistance and water resistance of the printed products. . For printing and carton enterprises, choosingUV coating machine supplied by NEW STAR with excellent machine structure, stable performance, convenient operation, high production efficiency, wide applicability, and better energy saving is of great significance to scientifically and rationally organize production. .

Varnishing can enhance the appearance of prints. Coating of prints, including full and spot varnishing, including high-gloss and matt? Non-reflective gloss varnish. Either way, it can improve the appearance of the printed matter, make the printing texture thicker and fuller, the color more bright and bright, improve the gloss and artistic effect of the printed matter, play a beautifying effect, make the product more attractive, and enhance the consumer's desire to buy.


NEWS STAR supplies various kinds of high quality China uv coating machines: 

1. Multifunctional UV coating machine: it can use water-based or partial UV coating, as well as oil-based and solvent-based coating; both high-brightness coatings and matte coatings can be used The paint is also equipped with a drying device, which has high production efficiency and stable quality, which improves the market competitiveness of color prints. 

2. Ordinary UV coating machine: simple in structure and easy to operate, it is a commonly used coating equipment for packaging and printing, with wide product adaptability, and is suitable for large, medium and small printing and carton factories. It is divided into two forms: manual feeding and automatic feeding, and can be varnished with UV oil or water-based oil. 

3. Sopt UV coating machine: SJUV series partial coating machine is a new generation of partial coating machine, which can perform full or partial coating (including UV and IR) on thick paper and thin paper, an innovative model The design and highly automated electrical design enable the whole machine to withstand the test of high-speed operation, which is an ideal choice for paper finishing. Reasonable choices should be made according to the actual production conditions of the factory to improve production efficiency.

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