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Automatic laminating machine is a kind of printed matter that processes and coats the plastic film on the paper through the machine. This is widely used in people's daily life and can be described as ubiquitous. In the past, the traditional laminating machine had low work efficiency and high labor cost. Now people have invented a fully automatic laminating machine, which uses modern advanced laminating technology to automate paper feeding and paper cutting, which greatly improves the Production efficiency, reducing the cost of labor input. Not only that, after.

NEW STAR automatic laminating machine is stable, easy to operate and easy to set up. It is convenient for cleaning and maintenance; the diversification of operation modes can match the changes of production modes. The operation interface of the equipment has traditional button interface and human-machine interface (touch screen control), thus providing customers with more convenient operation methods, and more Choose a space. The functions of the automatic laminating machine are more diversified: single and double-sided lamination, embossing after lamination, UV drying, water powder removal, chain knife hot knife slitting, vertical water-based precoating, etc.

The color of the products laminated by the automatic laminating machine is more beautiful and beautiful, and it is moisture-proof, easy to clean and durable. Mainly used in magazines, book covers, packaging boxes, calendars, paper bags, etc. Find the best automatic laminating machine in China!

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