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Box Erecting Machine

The new generation of box erecting machine made in China is a kind of forming equipment specialized in the production of various paper products. It can produce hamburger boxes, square boxes, French fries boxes, food boxes (take out) and other cartons made of cardboard and corrugated paper.

Working principle of the box erecting machine: the paper output mechanism takes the pre printed and cut paper clips out of the paper placing rack to the conveying chain, and then sends them to the forming die. In this process, the paper clips are coated with water-based adhesive (or hot melt adhesive). The position of the adhesive can be adjusted at will. The coating amount of the adhesive can be adjusted in production without shutdown. The paper clips coated with the adhesive are sent to the collector after forming, and automatically stacked and counted, And automatically mark according to the predetermined stacking quantity without shutdown.

NEW STAR box erecting machine has stable quality, high efficiency and speed up to 160pcs/min. On the same machine, we can manufacture different sizes of lunch boxes, three-dimensional boxes, hamburger boxes, French fries boxes and other products by changing the molds. The use of food grade water-based glue device is efficient and accurate. The iron plate of the machine body is thickened to ensure the flatness, long service life and good stability of the iron plate of the machine frame.

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Automatic Box Erecting Machine

Automatic Box Erecting Machine

China’s automatic box erecting machine are ideal for mass production of hamburger boxes, French fries box, food tray, lunch box, Chinese noodle box, hot dog box in fast food packaging industry. Can be bought with such a competitive price from NEW STAR factory.

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