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Brief Introduction to Embossing Process


At present, embossing technology is widely used in book cover binding. This kind of post printing production with pictographic or decorative patterns, combined with the cover design, improves the artistry of the cover and enhances the visual beauty and sense of heaviness of the overall book binding. The embossing patterns are extremely rich. The commonly used photo embossing patterns of NEW STAR laminating machine include strip, grid, spot, etc., which can meet the needs of most printing shops.


Embossing process

Embossing is a commonly used printing process. Embossing is a process that uses concave and convex molds to produce plastic deformation under certain pressure, so as to perform artistic processing on the surface of printed materials.


Embossing characteristics

After embossing, the printed material surface presents different patterns and textures of different depths, which has an obvious relief stereoscopic sense and enhances the artistic appeal of the printed material.


NEW STAR provides you with a variety of laminating embossing machines, such as:

YFMC-950Y manual laminating embossing machine

YFML-540Y semi-automatic laminator with embossing

YFMA-800Y full-automatic laminating embossing machine

... can be determined according to customer requirements.