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What are the UV Coating Methods


There are many UV coating methods. There are also many classification methods, mainly including the following:


1.According to the relationship between coating machine and printing machine, coating can be divided into offline coating and online coating.


Offline coating uses a dedicated coating machine to polish the printed matter, that is, printing and coating are carried out on their own dedicated equipment. This coating method is more flexible and convenient, and the coating equipment investment is small. It is more suitable for professional post press processing manufacturers. However, this coating method increases the transportation and transfer between printing and coating processes, resulting in low production efficiency.


On line coating directly connects the coating unit to the printing unit, that is, printing and coating are carried out on the same machine at a high speed, with high production efficiency and low processing cost. It reduces the handling of printed materials, overcomes various quality failures caused by powder spraying, and is the future development direction. But online coating Liu coating technology, coating oil. The requirements for drying equipment and coating equipment are very high.


2.According to coating method, coating can be divided into roller coating coating and printing coating.


Roller coating is the most common way of polishing. The coating roller will evenly coat the varnish on the surface of the printed matter in full width.


Printing coating The coating oil is coated on the printed matter through the coating plate, so local coating can be carried out. At present, intaglio coating, flexo coating, offset printing and screen coating are commonly used.


3.According to the types of coating products, coating can be divided into full width coating, local coating, extinction coating and artistic coating.


The main function of full width coating is to protect the printed matter and improve the surface gloss of the printed matter. Full width coating is generally carried out by roller coating.


Local coating is generally used to polish the graphic and text parts that need to be emphasized on the printed matter. The high gloss painting of the coating part is compared with the low gloss painting surface without the coating part to produce a wonderful artistic effect. Local coating is carried out by printing and coating, in which the film obtained by screen printing is thicker, with more obvious effect and lower cost than other methods. At present, it is widely used in China, but its production efficiency is generally low.


The matting oil is UV matt oil, which is opposite to the effect of ordinary coating. It is to reduce the glossiness of the printed surface, thus producing a special effect. Because the glossiness is too high, it will stimulate the human eye to a certain extent. Therefore, extinction coating is a popular coating method at present.


The function of artistic coating is to obtain special artistic effect on the surface of coating products. For example, the use of UV pearlescent coating oil on the surface of printed matter will produce pearlescent effect on the surface of printed matter, making the printed matter look magnificent, noble and elegant.

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