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Why White Card Paper Bag Must be Laminated with Film


For handbags, there are many materials distributed. The commonly used handbags in the market are white cardboard, kraft paper, fine paper and non-woven bags. Today, we will talk about why white cardboard bags must be laminated with film, which is very important and can not be ignored by enterprises.


Film lamination can not only improve the toughness and bursting resistance of the paper, but also protect the printed image, and improve the service life and beauty of the handbag. Therefore, the white card paper bag must be coated to ensure the loss and benefit of the enterprise.


Although the white card paper has high hardness and is smooth and firm, it is also due to the single-sided coating that the printing effect is not as sharp and clear as that of the double copper paper, and the color expression is not as strong as the visual sense. If the white card paper handbag is not laminated with film, the paper will become more crisp after printing, and the printing quality is not guaranteed. When creasing, the line is easy to burst. That is why some manufacturers are reluctant to do when shipping. Under the premise of ensuring the quality, such white card paper bags must be laminated, otherwise there will be no guarantee in the later period, after-sales problems will easily occur, customer complaints will be received, and after leaving the factory, they cannot rework, causing an unimaginable situation.


What kind of paper bags need to be laminated with film? There are also many materials for such handbags, especially coated paper, which has strong color expression. In life, paper bags are made of coated paper as raw materials, plus white cardboard and black cardboard, which can form the three major sides of the film covering. There are not many kinds, but they play a very important role. They are basically made of 70% standard paper bags, What's more, the rumor that enterprises need film covering is that the frequent use of these three raw materials has spread.


For the reason why white card paper bags must be coated, in fact, it is very simple. It is to protect the interests of consumers. It is to help businesses save unnecessary expenses and waste time and experience by doing unnecessary rework. Therefore, you can choose Wenzhou Feihua's high-quality high-speed laminating machine and BOPP thermal lamination film, which can greatly improve the production efficiency.