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Introduction to Flint Offset Spot UV Coating Plate


At present, offset coating technology, as an extension of printing and an important means of finishing printing, has been adopted by many printing enterprises. Its coating process has also developed from single full plate coating in the past to spot uv coating now. Spot coating can not only provide printing with special functions such as waterproof, moisture-proof, protection of printed images and words, and increase fastness, but also make printing more colorful. In particular, the packaging users are willing to maintain and consolidate the brand image of the products and achieve and improve the quality of the printed products through the special effects produced by the spot coating process.


Wenzhou Feihua has newly developed a medium size sopt uv coating machine SJUV-760 that is lacking in the market. It uses Flint offset special coating plate. Compared with blanket or ordinary coating plate, it has the following advantages:


1. The glossy ink layer is uniform in thickness and high in gloss;

2. Plate resolution is high, plate making precision is high, suitable for fine spot coating;

3. High coating overprint accuracy;

4. Good ink corrosion resistance and high printing resistance;

5. Plate making is easy to operate and widely used.


This machine supports spot coating plate customization and sample test. Welcome to inquire us.