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Introduction of Air Expansion Shaft - Film Loading Device


The first air expansion shaft in the world was invented by US Tidland MC01 (400/830/1898). It is a special winding and unwinding shaft, that is, the shaft whose surface can protrude after high pressure expansion, and the shaft whose surface rapidly retracts after deflation is called expansion shaft. Its name is diversified, also called gas, expansion shaft, expansion roll, expansion shaft, pressure shaft, etc.



1: The expansion operation time is short. It takes only 3 seconds to separate and place the expansion shaft and the paper tube to complete expansion and deflation, and it does not need to separate any parts at the end of the shaft to tightly engage with the paper tube.

2: The paper tube is placed simply: with the action of expansion and deflation, it can move and fix any position of the paper tube on the shaft surface.

3: Large bearing capacity: the size of the shaft diameter can be determined according to the actual needs of customers, and high strength steel can be used to increase the bearing capacity.

4: Economical: The shaft is designed for special functions, and can be used for thick, thin, wide and narrow paper tubes.

5: Simple maintenance and long service life: the air expansion shaft is a single part, and each part in its structure has a fixed specification, which can be interchanged for easy maintenance.



The use of inflatable shaft is very wide. Any machine with winding, unwinding and slitting can be used for inflatable shaft, even in light metal industry. For example, the inflatable shaft is mainly used for printing equipment, such as: drying machine, flexographic printing machine, concave machine, trademark printing machine, etc; Other machines include: coating machine, leather machine, setting machine, embossing machine, slitting machine, die-cutting machine, rewinder, paper cylinder machine, bag making machine, laminating machine, film covering machine, film blowing machine, foaming machine, film coating machine, embossing machine, paper machine, non-woven fabric machine, cloth inspection machine, bronzing machine, battery equipment and other related machinery.


NEW STAR high quality laminating machines all adopt air expansion shaft releases film, and precisionizes film release, and also makes the loading and unloading of film roll more convenient.

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