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NEW STAR is a professional China laminating machine Manufacturers and supplier for over 12 years. Laminating machine is to coat the plastic film with adhesive, and combine it with the printed matter with paper as the substrate, after being pressed by a rubber roller and a heating roller, to form a paper-plastic integrated product. The coated printed matter has a thin and transparent plastic film on the surface, which makes the surface smoother and brighter, which not only improves the gloss and fastness of the printed matter, but also prolongs the service life of the printed matter. Anti-fouling, wear resistance, folding resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and other protective effects. If a transparent and bright film is used for lamination, the printed graphics and text of the lamination products are more vivid in color and have a three-dimensional sense, which is especially suitable for the packaging of green food and other commodities, which can arouse people's appetite and consumption desire. If a matte film is used for lamination, the lamination product will bring a noble and elegant feeling to consumers. Therefore, the packaged printed matter after lamination can significantly improve the grade and added value of commodity packaging.

As one of the largest laminating machine suppliers in China, NEW STAR relies on years of R&D and production experience and the introduction of advanced foreign technology to solve problems such as double-sided lamination, curling after lamination, thin paper lamination, dark paper lamination Film, die-cutting and embossing after lamination, dust removal and static electricity and many other common problems in the industry. The main products are: automatic laminating machine, embossing laminating machine, semi-automatic laminating machine, small manual laminating machine, vertical dual-purpose machine, water-based laminating machine, paper laminating machine, etc. All kinds of models are available, welcome to consult and purchase.

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Automatic Laminating Machine With Chain Knife

Automatic Laminating Machine With Chain Knife

Automatic laminating machine with chain knife adopts chain knife cutting technology , which has high speed, accurate cutting and no tail film. The excellent performance of this type of equipment can meet the needs of users for efficient production and solve various difficult film laminating problems. It is the ideal choice for customers. NEW STAR looks forward to your consultation at any time.

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