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Why Laminating Machine Using Electromagnetic Heating System?


Traditional laminating machine hot pressure summer roll heat conduction oil heating, there are many disadvantages: heat conduction oil in a long time after work, contact with the air will produce carbon structure, and adhere to the inside of the roll, resulting in roller surface temperature due to different wall thickness fluctuations in temperature difference, great impact on the uniformity of laminating; Heat loss is large, heat conversion efficiency is low, so energy consumption is high; Oil leaks and other problems pose a safety hazard. The electromagnetic heating roller makes use of electromagnetic induction to make the roller body heat, without heat conduction oil, eliminating oil leakage and other safety hazards, effectively reducing the production energy consumption. Due to the use of multi-section temperature control, roller surface temperature difference can be controlled within ±1℃, greatly improve the coating uniformity, ensure product quality. Electromagnetic heating roller due to the above high temperature uniformity, energy saving and environmental protection, and other advantages, will become the first choice of laminating machine hot pressure composite roll.

Electromagnetic heating roller is made according to the principle of electromagnetic induction heating metal. Compared with traditional heat-conducting oil heating roller and electric heating roller, electromagnetic heating roller has the advantages of high temperature, good temperature uniformity, easy maintenance, low energy consumption and no pollution. Electromagnetic heating roller can be used in all kinds of pieces of rolling shape, textiles, foaming material of surface pressure light, thin film and all kinds of base material of hot pressing composite, specialty paper and other materials drying and stretching setting and optical anti-counterfeiting laser material extrusion lines, etc., to improve product quality, reduce energy consumption, improve the production environment has good effect.

1. Heating the surface of the roller. The heating speed is fast, 3-5 minutes to heat up to 100 degrees Celsius.

2.non-contact heating mode, the operation is more convenient, safe and the surface of the heated object is less oxidized.

3.The heating equipment is easy to install on the production line, easy to realize mechanization and automation, easy to manage, can effectively reduce transportation, save manpower and improve production efficiency.

4.The temperature can be controlled by setting the heating time so that the temperature can be controlled to a point.

5.High power utilization, environmental protection(no oil, no smoke) and energy saving( 30% less than other internal heating methods), safe and reliable.