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How to Test Coating Quality of Paper Printing


1. Appearance

Visual inspection shall be conducted according to standard requirements.


2. Glossiness

At the same part of the printed matter after polishing, at an angle of 75 °, the specular gloss of paper and paperboard shall be measured.


3. Whiteness

In the blank part of the printed matter without pictures and texts, the contrast test of whiteness before and after glazing shall be conducted with the diffuse/vertical method of paper and board whiteness measurement.


4. Folding resistance

After polishing, the printed matter is folded in half and rolled at the crease with 5kg heavy roller once without fracture.


5. Fastness

Use domestic ordinary adhesive tape to form an angle greater than 170 ° with the printed matter, and stick and pull slowly.


6. Adhesion resistance

After the printing is polished, take no less than 1000 sheets under the condition of temperature of 30 ° and the pressure of 200kgf/m ². The adhesive resistance test shall be conducted after 24h stacking .

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