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Hot Stamping Foil Precautions


(1) For flat ironing of fabrics, the bronzing paste is placed on the screen screen and printed on the surface of objects (such as cloth, clothing, etc.) with the glue scraping paste. After the bronzing paste is dry, the bronzing paper is reversely buckled on the fabric surface, 130~140 ℃, and the pressure is 4kg/cm ², If the time is more than 10 ″, take it out and tear off the waste film after cooling.

(2) For leather products, the main tool is aluminum or copper gilding plate, which is suitable for gilding leather products. The pressure is smaller than the cloth bronzing, and the bronzing time is shorter than the cloth bronzing, which can be flexibly controlled according to different products.

(3) Ribbon products are hot, common tools: silicone wheel, mostly used for trademark ribbon bronzing.

(4) Cloth products are hot pressed. They are often used for gilding the whole roll of cloth fabrics. According to the gilding effect, the varieties are special hot and ordinary hot. The varieties of gilding paper are: full turn film, half turn film, etc. The patterns and colors generally include: monochrome film, multi-color film, etc. In addition, there are also differences between glue and no glue on the back of gilding paper. Glued (that is, the back is coated with hot melt glue) gilding paper is commonly used in leather gilding. Glue free gilding paper is generally used for cloth gilding, because the operation is flexible in the actual production process. Of course, some special patterns are coated with bronzing glue on the back, such as: positioning bronzing film. There are also water-based and oily bronzing glues, which are targeted for different materials. After hot stamping, do not wipe the bronzing surface by hand or rub the cloth. It is recommended to conduct water washing test after 24 hours for the best effect. In addition, the bronzing paper must be protected from sunlight, rain or moisture during transportation and storage. After arriving at the factory, the bronzing paper must be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry area.