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What's Our Main Products You Can Choose


NEW STAR provides a wide range of thermal laminating machines and uv coating machines. And can be customized with complete functions.

The following are the product categories available for selectionAny combination of modular functions:

Laminating MachineOptional UV dryerdust removaldouble-sided laminatingdouble laminationChian knifeHot knifeCorona treatmentinkjet., etc

YFM series : Auto/Semi-auto high speed thermal film laminating machine.

FHS seriesFully Automatic Vertical Multi-purpose Laminator

UV Coating MachineOptional single headdouble headthree headanylox rollercorona treatmentdust removallengthened dryer., etc

         FHSG  series Automatic UV Coating MachineThree Head Linkage UV Coating MachineDigital Printer Inline Coating Machine

         FHSGT series: High Grade Coating MachineFilm replacement oil, matte oil, soft touch oil, anti-scratch oil and other high-grade coatings

FHSGJ seriesFully Automatic High-speed Spot UV Coating Machine

Thermal Film

BOPP Matte/glossy thermal film

Special film: anti-scratch film, soft touch film, embossed film and others series

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