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How Does the Double Sheet Detection Sensor Work?


In the process of automatic feeding, some objective factors will cause two or more sheets of materials to be stuck together, which will easily lead to waste of materials, unqualified products and equipment damage. The task of double sheet detection is to intelligently identify the situation of double sheets or multiple sheets, so as to take corresponding measures in advance to prevent double sheets from entering the process.


Double sheet detection sensor is used for sheet processing or application. This involves industries that process labels, use printing presses, or use folding machines. The folding and stacking of paper will stop the whole process. Using ultrasonic dual sensor can find production errors as early as possible, so as to find and solve them in time, thus saving time and money.


But how does this work? The working principle is as follows. The double sheet detection sensor is a unique ultrasonic sensor, which is placed in front of each other. The first sensor acts as a transmitter and the second sensor acts as a receiver. The paper to be detected passes through these sensors. The transmitter emits ultrasonic waves from one side of the paper. Sound waves reach the paper. The signal passes through the paper and decreases when it reaches the receiver on the other side. The decaying sound waves tell the receiver that there is paper. When the paper swings due to the sound wave vibration, it has no effect on the detection. A variety of sensors are available for different detection distances.


Importance of installing double sheet inspection:


To ensure production efficiency, in order to avoid inaccurate overprint caused by double sheets, jamming, and shutdown, ensure smooth production;


Save manpower, replace manual sorting with automation to save part of human resources;


Avoid material waste and unnecessary material waste caused by overlapping of double sheets or covers;


Protect expensive molds and equipment;


Ensure product quality.


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