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Introduction of Laminating Process of Laminating Machine


The lamination process is a surface processing process after printing, also known as Post-press lamination or post-press lamination refers to the use of a laminating machine to cover a layer of transparent plastic film with a thickness of 0.012 to 0.020 mm on the surface of the printed product to form a product processing technology that integrates paper and plastic. The laminating machine is the equipment used to complete the laminating process. Generally speaking, according to the process used, it can be divided into two types: namely coating film and pre-coating film.

The laminating process of the laminating machine refers to the whole process of laminating pictures and photos, including film selection, lamination production, and cutting. It is mainly used for advertising pictures and post-production of wedding photos. The pictures covered with film have high anti-corrosion, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-wrinkle and anti-ultraviolet corrosion properties, which can produce a strong three-dimensional effect and artistic appeal. The cold laminating machine is the main equipment to complete the lamination, and it is also the necessary supporting equipment for the computer inkjet printer and the electrostatic printer. The commonly used equipment for laminating includes four categories: manual cold laminating machine, electric cold laminating machine, self-releasing film cold laminating machine and automatic cold and hot laminating machine, as well as transfer printing equipment.


1. Put the protective film on the picture to improve the strength of the picture and the wear resistance of the surface.

2. Isolate the picture from the outside air to prevent deformation and cracking caused by corrosion, humidity and drying of corrosive gases in the atmosphere, fading and discoloration caused by rain erosion and ultraviolet radiation, and maintain the bright color of the picture for a long time. Extend image display life.

3. Paste the picture on the display board or cloth to make a hanging advertisement picture.

4. Press a special mask or sheet on the picture to form a picture with special artistic effects such as bright, matt, oil painting, virtual, three-dimensional and so on.