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What is UV Coating Machine?


The uv coating machine is an important equipment for the surface finishing and production of packaging products such as cartons and cartons. It plays a very important role in improving the surface performance of printed products and improving the abrasion resistance, stain resistance and water resistance of printed products. For printing and carton enterprises, it is of great significance for scientific and reasonable production organization to select a uv coating machine with excellent machine structure, stable performance, convenient operation, high production efficiency, wide applicability and good energy saving.


The uv coating machine can enhance the appearance effect of the printed matter by uv coating the printed matter. The glazing of printed matter includes overall glazing and local glazing, as well as high gloss and Matt non reflective gloss glazing. Either one can improve the appearance effect of printed products, make the printing texture thicker and fuller, make the colors more bright and bright, improve the gloss and artistic effect of printed products, play a beautifying role, make the products more attractive, and enhance the purchasing desire of consumers.


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