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Main Difficulties and Solutions of Lamination Process


The main difficult problems of the current lamination process are surface blistering, wrinkling, uneven bending, falling off and separation, and difficulty in storage. These quality problems have not been solved for many years, and the reasons are also various, such as:
1. The influence of different types of paper.
2. The influence of different ink colors.
3. The influence of different climates.
4. The influence of environment and conditions.
5. The enterprise lacks the influence of scientific management.
6. The influence of personnel quality.

Solutions of Wenzhou Feihua Laminating Machines:
1. Equipped with non-stop paper feeder to ensure continuous production.
2. The use of large-diameter pressing rollers effectively increases the production speed and ensures that the composite products are smooth and bright.
3. The powder removal mechanism combining powder sweeping and pressing powder is adopted to ensure the powder removal effect. (Configure powder removal device)
4. The advanced drying tunnel structure ensures that the glue on the film can be dried quickly.
5. The speed-adjustable disc-type rotary cutter ensures the cutting of the paper.

6. The motor adopts frequency conversion control, which is safe and reliable.