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What is the Difference Between Glossy Film and Matte Film?


The film laminating process on the packaging box is a post press procedure of paper printed matter. It mainly refers to the formation of a film laminating the surface of the printed matter after heating and pressing with adhesive. The film laminating is divided into glossy film and matte film. Do you know the difference between them? Today, I will take you to understand.

The properties of glossy film and matte film are different:

The matte film is mainly a fog like surface. The surface of the packaging box covered with the matte film does not reflect light, and it looks elegant and calm. Its surface color is soft, and it is often used in high-end packaging industries, such as clothing industry, gift packaging, tea packaging and so on;

The glossy film has a bright surface. The packaging box covered with the glossy film has a bright surface and looks like a mirror. Generally speaking, it reflects light. Its advantage is that it can make the packaging box more colorful. As far as this cake packing box is concerned, it uses the process of covering glossy film. Does it look particularly bright in color?

Cost difference between glossy film and matte film:

Generally speaking, the cost of covering matte film is generally higher than the cost of glossy film. Nowadays, the post printing process of high-grade packaging boxes and handbags will choose to cover film. It can not only play a moisture-proof role but also further improve the grade of packaging boxes. Therefore, the covering film process is very useful. However, Xiaobian believes that it is still necessary to choose different processes for different products, and the appropriate one is the best.

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