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What Printing Materials are Covered with Film


Take the publishing industry as an example, film laminating is generally divided into front film laminating and back film laminating. Several main functions of film laminating:

1. Increase the surface strength of printed matter (wear resistance, folding resistance, tensile strength, water resistance, etc.), such as scratch resistant film, optical film, matt film, etc

2. Add special effects, such as laser film, tactile film, etc., when increasing the surface strength of printed matter

Front lamination is usually used for coated paper and paperboard with weak surface texture, but not for special paper to improve surface texture. Film laminating will add a layer of plastic film to the surface of the printed matter, which will cover the texture of the paper itself while protecting the printed matter. Therefore, film laminating is mainly aimed at the materials that need to be protected on the surface of printed materials and do not need to highlight the texture and touch of paper, generally referring to coated paper and white cardboard.

 The back lamination is mainly used to improve the paper strength, but also takes into account the paper effect of the printing surface. General film laminating equipment requires that the paper weight shall not be less than 120g.

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