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Different Technical Requirements Between Single & Double Side Lamination


The difference between the technical requirements of single sided and double-sided film lamination lies in:


1. The surface temperature of single side coated metal steel roll in hot state is 8 ℃± 2 ° C, and the temperature of double side coated metal steel roll is generally controlled at about 50 ° C;


2. It is better not to use calendered film for double-sided coated products because there are too many plasticizers for calendered film;


3. The tension of the paper output part of the double-sided film laminating should be greater than that of the single-sided film laminating, otherwise it is easy to bubble;


4. The plastic films on both sides of the double-sided film laminating shall be adjusted at any time and shall not be skewed;


5. The temperature of double-sided film laminating process is low, and the fastness and brightness of film laminating products should be checked frequently.


These models all can be customized to do double face lamination work.

YFMB-950 Semi Auto Laminating Machine

YFMA-590/760 Automatic Laminating Machine

YFMA-850/1050 Multifunctional Automatic Laminating Machine


Below is our 760 double face Laminating Machine diagram for example:

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